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5 reasons to clean your oven with baking soda

5 reasons to clean your oven with baking soda

When it comes to doing cleaning chores, one of the worst ones you probably have is removing the gunk and splatters from the interior of your oven. Oven cleaning is, for most people out there, a really bad experience, because it involves the use of strong cleaning solutions and scrubbing off impurities. 

But the fact is, there is a way to clean the oven without relying on heavy chemicals. Baking soda has always been a cleaning favourite among people who need quick and easy results. Here are a few great reasons for you to try out the same cleaning method:

  • Baking soda is cheap – unlike some of the cleaning solutions you get from the store, you don’t need to pay a whole lot to get baking soda. It is a kitchen pantry staple, which costs just a fraction of what you would pay for some oven cleaners. Price is an important point, especially if you are already straining your budget to acquire other cleaning solutions for your home. When you can legitimately reduce the cost of cleaning by cutting the need for oven cleaning products, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity? 
  • Baking soda gets the job done – time and time again, people have been using baking soda to great success in their cleaning endeavours. This means it is an effective cleaning tool, which works well not just to clean your oven, but also in many other tasks. You can use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in various other rooms of your home. It is an ingredient that rightfully deserves the title of cleaning champion. It will be a waste if you don’t give it a try, especially when it can clean better than some of the expensive and dangerous cleaning solutions you can find in the store. 
  • It is easy to clean with baking soda – if you don’t like reading instructions on the label of your cleaning products, you can try baking soda. It is a nice break from the complexity that other products bring to the cleaning world. All you need to do is mix some baking soda with water, in order to form a paste. You then proceed to spread that paste on the oven interior, coating everything but the heating elements. Allow it to sit overnight and then wipe with a wet cloth. The baking soda will have done its job and you will find that it is super easy to clean up the mess. That is a very simple method, which works wonders. You can try it out even if you lack a lot of cleaning knowledge yourself!
  • It is an eco-friendly way of cleaning – one more reason to try baking soda lies with the fact that it is an eco-friendly way of cleaning. Instead of relying on chemical-based products, you are using a natural solution, which doesn’t spell trouble for the environment. That is a solid benefit to consider, especially if you are all about a greener tomorrow. 
  • It is safer – since a lot of the cleaning products for oven need to be very strong, they come full of dangerous compounds. As you clean with them, you inhale these compounds, which can be really troublesome. Sometimes you can get a little light-headed and dizzy, or trigger allergic reactions. The picture is not pretty. But with baking soda, you will have no effect on your health, which makes it a great pick for cleaning. 

These are all the great reasons to try cleaning your oven with baking soda. You will find this method more than a welcome change! 

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