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A Clean Oven for Healthier Meals: Professional Oven Cleaning Services in London & Home Counties

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    Welcome to Fast Oven Cleaning London

    Fast Oven Cleaning is a reliable cleaning company in London. We offer domestic and commercial customers a very competitively priced and highly professional oven cleaning service that leaves ovens both spotlessly clean and hygienic.

    Our team can clean all types, makes and sizes of ovens, cookers, hobs & extractors including Rayburn, Smeg, Stanley, AGA, SUB, Zero Wolf, Neff, Alpha, Range Master, Whirlpool and many more.

    The cleaning process

    Firstly, our experienced, fully trained oven cleaner will assess the best cleaning option for your oven.

    Secondly, the specialist will check with you to learn if everything is working properly. They will test the oven, if you feel the need, and note any existing marks/faults.

    Once they have set up their work area, they will lay the floor/counter covers in front of the appliance, if needed, and get started.

    All removable items from the inside of the oven will be removed so they can conduct a thorough deep clean, including the racks, side panels, side supporting racks and back panel. 

    If needed and possible/safe, our oven cleaner will also remove the inner glass panel from the top and bottom oven doors, to reach the areas many people struggle to get to on their own, such as between the glass.

    They will then to clean the oven, the removable items, the oven door and the inside of the oven until it all looks sparkling!

    They will then carry out a final inspection of the oven before returning all the cleaning equipment to the van.

    Finally, they will clean their working area before asking you to inspect their work.

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      Why use a company to clean your oven?

      Do you enjoy cleaning your oven? Do you know anybody who finds it a fun chore? Getting an oven clean is one of the hardest, messiest, and most unpleasant kitchen tasks. In addition to the elbow grease needed to get the job done, it’s a really time-consuming task. Who wants to spend their free or weekend time tackling a grimy oven?

      Furthermore, a number of cleaning products that are available commercially are not effective and generate dreadful, noxious fumes. They can also be abrasive and often leave a chemical residue on surfaces. This residue poses a health risk when it comes into contact with food. Some oven cleaning products, combined with the wrong cleaning technique, can leave surfaces scratched and permanently damaged.

      That’s where a professional cleaning company steps in. We handle this unpleasant but important job so that you don’t have to. We also offer you peace of mind because you know that your oven is clean, hygienic, and free of toxic chemicals and fumes.

      Combo Deals

      Single Oven

      Single Oven (2 racks) + Hob + Extractor for only £101.00

      Promo code: Combo1
      *Terms & Conditions apply

      Double Oven

      Double Oven (3 racks) + Hob + Extractor for only £119

      Promo code: Combo2
      *Terms & Conditions apply

      Combine Oven Cleaning With Carpet Cleaning

      Combine Oven Cleaning with Carpet Cleaning and Save 10% OFF!

      Promo code: Combo3 *Terms & Conditions apply

      Combine Our Oven Cleaning Service With:

      Why choose Fast Oven Cleaning London?

      While the range and type of services offered by cleaning companies may be similar, not all companies are created equal! There are a number of compelling reasons why using the cleaning services of Fast Oven Cleaning is the right choice for you:

      Our technicians offer years of experience in the industry and a proven track record. We pride ourselves on our outstanding levels of customer care both before- and after-service.

      Our oven cleaning services are available 7 days a week, including on bank holidays. This means that we can fit in with your schedule and cause as little disruption as possible.

      All of our professional cleaners and technicians are thoroughly vetted and screened so you know that they are entirely trustworthy. They are also all professionally trained, certified, knowledgeable and reliable. They work very carefully to make sure surfaces do not end up damaged during the cleaning process.

      All of our oven cleaners and the services we provide are fully insured – to the tune of £10 million.

      The cleaning equipment and processes that we use are advanced, professional and environmentally friendly and safe. There is no scrubbing so surfaces are not damaged. We also only use cleaning products and solvents that are non-caustic and 100% safe for use around food, children, pregnant women and pets.

      Our prices are competitive and honest; there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises. We also constantly offer Special and / or Combo Deals and Offers that make our services even more affordable. Please contact us for details or click here.

      Benefits of an oven cleaned by us

      Your oven won’t just look clean. There are many benefits you will enjoy:

      • The oven is left hygienic, truly clean and gleaming
      • The oven will perform better and use less energy
      • There are no unpleasant or harmful fumes
      • There is no chemical residue that could contaminate food
      • The oven can be used immediately

      As a final advantage you will even find that the food cooked or baked in the oven will taste better.

      This is because it will no longer be affected by unpleasant aromas produced by grease and grime as it heats up.


      Why Choose Us?
      We Are Fully insured.

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