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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in London

Kitchens generate and attract dirt and grime. The act of cooking produces spills, smears, steam and splatters. If this is true in a home kitchen how much more of a challenge is it in a commercial kitchen? In addition to the fact that a kitchen must be clean and hygienic, commercial ones have additional demands placed on them; they must comply with relevant codes and legislation.

Why cleaning commercial kitchens thoroughly and regularly is essential

Hard working commercial cookers, extractors, ovens etc. need expert attention in order to get them clean and care for them. Professional kitchen staff members are meticulous when it comes to keeping their implements such as knives clean and wiping down working surfaces. Unfortunately that is not enough.

Commercial kitchens must be clean and hygienic throughout. This prevents food from becoming contaminated and so safeguards the health of customers. In addition, these establishments must comply with Health and Safety legislation and stay up to code. Failing to do so could make customers and / or staff ill, result in injuries, pose a fire hazard, lead to the imposition of a hefty fine or even result in the venue being closed by authorities.

What's included and how the service works

Fast Oven Cleaning provides a range of services that will ensure a commercial kitchen is spotless and fully compliant. Our professional cleaners:

  • We bring all the necessary cleaning products and equipment with us.
  • All the materials and solvents we use are eco-friendly and food-safe.
  • All surfaces are cleaned including walls and floors and areas under and behind large items such as cookers, fridges, freezers, etc.
  • All accumulated fat, grease, burnt on food and other dirt is removed from all surfaces.
  • All large appliances are cleaned manually, often with the help of specialised steam cleaning equipment
  • Removable items from inside cookers, ovens, fridges, etc. are placed into a high-power cleaning solution and left to soak.
  • Lights, sinks, work surfaces and any other fittings are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.
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  • The extractor fans and ventilation ducts are also meticulously cleaned as the layers of carbon and grease that accumulate in them constitute a significant fire hazard. They also prevent the system from functioning effectively.
  • If required, drains and grease traps will also be cleared out.

Benefits of our commercial kitchen cleaning service in London

  • The kitchen is left hygienic, clean and up to code.
  • All surfaces and appliances can be used immediately after cleaning.
  • Clean, well cared for appliances last longer and perform better. They may even use less energy.
  • There are no chemical residues or unpleasant fumes as a result of the cleaning process.
  • The risk of contamination is removed as all surfaces are left hygienic and products are food-safe.
  • The risk of pests is very significantly reduced.
  • There are no longer places for bacteria to breed.
  • Unpleasant odours are eliminated as the grime causing them is removed.
  • The reduction in fire risk allows you to meet the requirements of your insurer.

Why use Fast Oven Cleaning to clean your commercial kitchen?

The professional cleaning teams at Fast Oven Cleaning understand the standards to which commercial kitchens are held and we are committed to ensuring our clients are up to code. We will provide a report detailing what cleaning activities were carried out so that you have evidence of compliance and due diligence to show to inspectors.

Because we are available seven days a week and work flexible hours we can fit in with tour needs and schedule. This allows you to carry out the necessary cleaning work without it disrupting your place of business.

For prices, further information or to book our professional cleaners, please call us on 020 3322 8936. Alternatively, you can email us at

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