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Tile & Grout Cleaning in London

Cleaning an oven is a horrible job but cleaning tiles and grout must be a pretty close second. It usually involves a great deal of scrubbing and the results are often cleaner – but not clean – tiles, dull grouting and severely aching muscles.

Why cleaning your tiles and grouting is important

Grime and dirt can build up quickly making tiles look dull. With kitchen tiles a layer of grease or sticky dirt becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which pose a serious health risk. Tiles are also often used in rooms where there is some dampness in the air such as bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens. This often leads to the growth of mould or mildew on grouting which is porous and therefore becomes dirty quickly.
Apart from looking bad, mould and mildew also affect our health as their spores have been linked to a range of unpleasant, even serious, medical conditions. Finally, dirty floor tiles can become dangerously slippery, especially when they are wet.

What's included and how the service works

  • Our professional fridge cleaners begin by covering the floor around the fridge to soak up spills or any water that leaks out during the cleaning process. 
  • All food is carefully removed and placed in cold boxes to keep it cool and prevent spoiling. If you would prefer to remove food items yourself that’s fine too. 
  • All removable items such as racks and drawers are taken out and placed into a cleaning solution and left to soak.
  • The exterior of the fridge and the door seal is wiped down and cleaned to remove all dirt.

Benefits of this service

  • Your tiles and grouting will be hygienic because the health risk is removed along with the grime, bacteria, mould and mildew. 
  • Tiles are and look clean and restored. 
  • Grouting looks and is clean and uniform in colour. 
  • Tiles won’t get slippery as easily and will therefore be safer to walk on.

Why use Fast Oven Cleaning to clean your tiles and grout?

Some products sold in stores actually leave a residue on tiles. They might look a little cleaner for a while but this layer in fact traps dirt. We use products that are truly effective, are eco-friendly and safe for use near pregnant women, babies, children and pets.

We also have the right equipment. Mops often just move dirt around or don’t remove it at all. Our cleaners use specialised steam cleaners that effectively remove dirt without lifting grouting or damaging the tiles. Grout is porous and therefore particularly hard to get clean without the right products and methods.

In addition, the cleaners at Fast Oven Cleaning have experience with safely and effectively cleaning tiles that are made from a range of materials including ceramic, porcelain, limestone, terracotta or travertine. Because we understand the nature of each material we use the best products and cleaning methods to get tiles and grouting clean without damaging them. Grout is left deep-clean and tiles look refreshed. Contact us on 020 3322 8936 for further information, a quote or details of special offers or to make a booking. You can also email us at

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