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Spring Cleaning Services in London

While daily cleaning combined with regular professional cleaning goes a very long way to keeping areas both clean and hygienic, one step is still missing: a spring clean or deep clean. It may only be necessary as a one-off if, for example, you are moving into new premises that really need some attention. If they are commercial premises a deep clean may be needed more often.

Why spring cleaning is important

This type of extreme deep clean will address every surface, appliance, fitting, nook and cranny. There will be nowhere for dust, dirt, grease, grime, bacteria, mould, mildew, fungus or any other undesirable debris or growth to collect or thrive. A standard clean does deal with more superficial dirt. However, a spring clean gets into, under and behind everything to leave premises spotless, sanitised and hygienic.

What's included and how the service works

  • Our cleaners bring all the necessary cleaning products and equipment with them. All they need from you is access to electricity and hot water.
  • We only use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products and solutions and specialised cleaning equipment.
  • A spring clean needs to be methodical so our cleaners move from one appliance, surface or area to the next in a planned order.
  • Fittings are removed where necessary and removable items from appliances are taken out. These items are placed in solution to soak.
  • Appliances are manually cleaned to remove all dirt and grime before being reassembled and polished.
  • Walls and floors are also cleaned and sanitised as are skirting boards, window sills, bins, work tops, cupboards both inside and out, doors, light switches and fittings, sinks, taps, ventilation ducts and extractors.
  • Customers may elect to also include cleaning the interiors and defrosting fridges and freezers and descaling of taps.

Benefits of our spring cleaning services

• Your premises will be left spotlessly, sparkling clean.

• In addition to looking great, you can be confident that your environment is hygienic and sanitised too.

• The environment poses no health risks as all bacteria, allergens, etc. have been removed.

• If they are commercial premises, you can relax in the knowledge that they are up to code.

• If you are a tenant you know you are leaving a property clean for the next occupant.

Why use Fast Oven Cleaning to carry out your spring cleaning?

The professional cleaners at Fast Oven Cleaning bring all the necessary cleaning products and equipment with them. All they need from you is access to electricity and hot water. We use products that are truly effective, eco-friendly and safe for use near pregnant women, babies, children and pets. We also have the right equipment to clean any type of surface or appliance so we remove dirt without damaging the surface. In addition, our cleaners have experience with safely and effectively cleaning surfaces made from a range of materials and carpets and rugs of various kinds. We understand the nature of each material so we select the optimal products and cleaning methods.

If you want prices, further information or to book our professional cleaners, call us on 020 3322 8936 or email us at Alternatively, complete the Contact form on this website.

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