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Cleaning your oven doesn’t need to involve chemicals

According to numerous surveys, the number one chore that Britons hate is oven cleaning. It is understandable because the mere thought of handling that greasy and dirty oven interior is enough to make anyone frown. Oven cleaning is a task that requires a lot of elbow grease and effort to get it to a near-perfect condition. 

Thankfully, oven cleaning is not that difficult, once you know what you are doing. There is one method that involves baking soda, and it has been proven as the easiest and most environmentally-conscious way of addressing the task. If you have never tried it, you don’t know what you are missing. In this article, you can explore the cleaning method in detail, so that you can try it out as soon as possible. 

Let’s start with the materials you will need for the task 

To deal with the task, you will need to acquire a few things. First, your main cleaning solutions will be baking soda, vinegar and dish soap. You will also need gloves since the task does involve the application of a cleaning solution with your hands. If the oven is particularly dirty, you will also need a spatula/scraper. Get a soft cleaning cloth or a sponge as well, and you are all set to begin. 

Empty the oven interior

To clean the oven, you have to clear the interior area first. Most notably, you have to remove the racks, the oven thermometer and other items from the inside. The idea is that you will be coating the area with a baking soda, so you need all the room you can get. 

Baking soda solution 

Grab a small bowl and mix half a cup of baking soda with water. There is no exact ratio you need to follow; only a general guideline. You want the solution to be thick enough so you can spread it along the interior area, so be ready to add water or baking soda till you get a nice spreadable consistency. 

Remove any hardened deposits first 

If there are any areas of your oven that are too messy, clean them with a spatula. You are hardly going to get a better chance of cleaning them. 

Spread the paste

Don the cleaning gloves and spread the paste all over the oven interior. The goal is to spread it all over the place, so use your hands. Make sure to get to every nook and cranny. Only avoid the heating elements of the appliance. You will need to leave the paste there overnight, for it to do its job. If the oven door is not messy, you can close the oven door; otherwise, apply the solution on the glass as well, as you will want to give it a nice wash. 

Clean the oven racks 

While you are waiting for the paste to do its job, you may want to address the oven racks. Give them a dip in the kitchen sink or the bathroom tub. Dish soap works well to dissolve any grease they may have accumulated over time. 

Give the oven a good wipe 

Now it is time to wipe the oven interior. You need a sponge or a cloth for this task. In the process, if you see any particularly stubborn areas, add a little vinegar in the mix. 

Following this guide for some oven cleaning action is bound to give you a clean oven and a sense of satisfaction. 

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