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Cleaning the oven after a cooking accident

Witnessing and experiencing a cooking accident at home can be somewhat scary and can demotivate you to cook for a while. Sometimes an accident can leave the appliance in need of repair, while in more mild cases the oven can just end up in a huge mess.

Most oven accidents involve fire, which is a direct result of accumulated grease and grime on the oven floor. When too much grease and food residue has been left on the oven floor, it can ignite during cooking. Luckily, most such accidents end quickly, especially if the oven door was sealed during the ignition of the fire. However, the danger is real and sometimes you will have to put out the fire to prevent the issue from escalating. In any case, cleaning the mess afterwards is required, and it mostly depends on how you extinguished the fire.

  • In case you used a fire extinguisher – if you had to use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, you must keep in mind you won’t be able to cook in that oven immediately afterwards. What you need to do is acquire a face mask and rubber gloves to protect yourself from the extinguisher residue. Clean up as much of the residue as you can by using a vacuum cleaner. If any part of it is caked on and hardened, you should use a spatula to loosen the material and then vacuum it. Once you have removed most of the material, use a damp sponge to clean the rest. It is important to rinse the sponge frequently as you wipe down every part of the oven that came into contact with the extinguisher foam. Again, it is important not to touch and inhale any part of the material, as it can be dangerous. Once you are done, you should do a final inspection of the damage and determine if the oven can be used without some repairs first. In any case, it is wise to contact an oven cleaning company for a thorough cleaning of the appliance.
  • If the fire was put out using other methods – if the fire is not major, it will most likely extinguish itself. If that doesn’t happen, you can be quick to do so by pouring some salt or baking soda on it. Then, after extinguishing the fire, you should just vacuum up the salt or baking soda. Additionally, any burnt food should be further cleaned. Finish up with a full oven cleaning before using the oven again.

Remember that it is important to keep your oven clean at all times, in order to minimise the risk of accidents. Fires are particularly important, as they can cause irreparable damage to the appliance and even your entire home. You can always rely on the services of cleaning companies, such as Fast Oven Cleaning. By calling in the professionals, you can be sure that no such accidents will ever trouble you.

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