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How to speed clean your oven

If you are a busy person, you likely have very little time on your hands to clean the oven. Added to the fact that it is nobody’s favourite chore, you get a task that is always postponed and ignored, till the moment when your oven just becomes unusable. Obviously, you need an action plan to clean it properly, otherwise you will just not be able to use it for cooking.

Now, in case you have a self-cleaning oven, you probably don’t need to worry about this chore. Just use the function to your advantage and wait for it to do its job. However, if you don’t own such an oven, you should deal with cleaning it. One thing you will probably love is a good guide on how to clean your oven quickly.

Here is what you can do in that regard:

  • Remove the racks – remove the racks of the oven, because you will need an empty interior. You cannot expect to do a good cleaning job, if there are items that get in the way inside. Make sure you remember the order in which they are located in the oven, as you don’t want to waste time later on. You should take out any other items on the inside.
  • Spray the interior of your oven – spray the oven with your preferred oven cleaning solution. The only area you shouldn’t be spraying is the thermostat and oven light. Don’t be afraid to spray enough of your spray, as you want it to work well. Once you have sprayed the interior, let the solution sit overnight. Don’t turn your oven on, or anything, just close the door and prepare to tackle the cleaning the next day.
  • Clean inside – use a soft sponge to tackle the inside of your oven. Letting the cleaning solution sit overnight is usually enough to soften the accumulated spoils and make them easy to remove. Work from top to bottom, making sure that spoils on the top are loose and ready for removal. If there are any stubborn spots, you can use a scraper. This usually happens on the bottom of the oven. A simple tool as the scraper can really save you time cleaning the gunk.
  • Clean the sponge often enough – during cleaning, your sponge will probably become a mess. While it is okay to clean with a dirty sponge, after a while you will just be spreading grease from one area to another. Make sure you keep the sponge clean enough to do the job.
  • Wipe the interior – once done with cleaning, you should wipe the interior with a clean cloth or paper towels. Once finished, turn the oven heat up to remove any lingering odours.

By dividing the process like this, you will see it takes little time overall to complete the job. As an added bonus, the outcome will be more than pleasing, which is overall why you should adopt this technique.

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