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Safety precautions for oven cleaning

Cleaning the oven surely isn’t the most pleasant of household chores. It takes effort and time, not to mention knowledge of effective methods that can get the job done. However, it is something that must be done on a regular basis, especially if you are a cooking enthusiast who frequently prepares delightful dishes in the oven.

When you get to clean the oven, you must know that there are certain guidelines to follow. It is not a task you can just deal with however you please. You should take your health into consideration and safely clean the appliance.

Here are few tips to guide you in cleaning the oven:

  • Consider eco-friendly methods – by now you must have heard of the fantastic method of oven cleaning with baking soda. Basically, it involves coating the interior of your oven with a paste-like compound consisting of water and baking soda. Let it sit overnight and then wipe away. This method is highly effective and preferable, because it doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals and expensive products. If something works well, is safe and doesn’t cost a lot of money, why don’t you use it for your oven cleaning needs?
  • Use cleaning equipment – in order to avoid the unpleasant side effects of commercial oven cleaning products, you should acquire some special gear. A cleaning mask is a must, because you will need to get in the confined space of the oven to really clean the burnt on grease. You don’t want to be inhaling the substances, as they are pretty dangerous. Furthermore, wear gloves. A pair of simple latex gloves works well to protect your skin from the ingredients in the cleaning products.
  • Ventilate – whenever you are cleaning the oven with specialised products, you must be careful of the harmful substances emitted in the process. In order to avoid breathing problems, you must ventilate the room properly. Make sure you open a window and leave the door open so that air can circulate and refresh the environment after cleaning. Furthermore, you should leave the oven door open so that the appliance doesn’t absorb these harmful substances.
  • Careful with self-cleaning ovens – some ovens have the self-cleaning function. In essence, a self-cleaning oven heats up to very high temperature, pretty much turning all of the accumulated spoils inside to ash. It is a useful function, but you must use it wisely. First, don’t use this function when you are not home. Since the oven reaches high temperature, you must be around to oversee things. Second, make sure you open a window to cool the room. Even better will be to take the oven to a balcony or somewhere near an opening. That way the high temperature will dissipate outside and not turn your room into a sauna. Third, make sure you follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter when using the self-cleaning function. It is not something you want to experiment with.

Make sure you don’t postpone the task forever, but also ensure that you deal with it the right way so that you are safe. Cleaning the oven should be taken seriously at all times.

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