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5 Reasons Why it is a Great Idea to Clean the Oven with Baking Soda

5 Reasons Why it is a Great Idea to Clean the Oven with Baking Soda

The oven is perhaps the appliance you hate cleaning the most. It accumulates grease and burnt-on food parts, making it really difficult. You will often need to employ expensive commercial products, some of which don’t even work all that well. 

The alternative is to try out the cleaning method with baking soda. This kitchen pantry staple is in the centre of many eco-friendly cleaning recipes, but it works especially well for the oven. There are a few reasons for this: 

  • Baking soda is not expensive – unlike many other cleaning products, baking soda doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. In fact, you can probably afford to keep a certain amount of it just for cleaning purposes around your home. It work’s not just on the oven, but also for addressing burnt-on pans and other utensils. Not to mention it does wonders in the bathroom and also works for deodorising the carpet. Baking soda is an affordable cleaning solution, which you can always resort to.
  • It works well – many cleaning products promise to work like magic on whatever you decide to use them. When it comes to oven cleaning, there are many solutions out there that simply cannot deliver on that promise. You may end up with a full bottle of cleaning product, which just doesn’t seem at all able to clear the accumulated stains and grease. With baking soda, that will never be the case. It works great for any kind of oven you have. Whenever you decide to clean the interior, you can rely on it to do the job just fine. Additionally, it also works for the hobs, no matter if you have a ceramic or electric oven top. It is just a really versatile product, which you will do well to utilise.
  • It is easy to work with – when you clean with baking soda, you don’t need to follow special complicated instructions. It is all rather simple. Just mix with enough water to form a paste-like compound. Then, spread it on the oven area that is most soiled. Leave it like that for a few hours and then wipe with a wet cloth. That is all you need to do really, in order to clean your oven with baking soda. The reason why so many people prefer this method of cleaning is because it is so easy to apply.
  • It is eco-friendly – there is nothing toxic about baking soda. The same cannot be said for a large portion of the cleaning detergents you’d find in the supermarket. They are full of dangerous ingredients, which you will have to breathe in as you clean the oven and other areas of your home. With baking soda, you will not feel dizzy, you will not have watery eyes and you will not have a skin rash, if you are not careful. It is an eco-friendly solution, which is safe, harmless for you and really effective at what it does. 
  • You can learn to use better cleaning methods – cleaning with baking soda represents a movement in the cleaning world, which aims to provide sparkling results by relying on methods that are different from using just commercial products. You will find the prospect of learning more than just how to clean with a baking soda to be alluring. There is little doubt that you will be tempted to try out other cleaning methods from the same eco-friendly line and you will have great success with them. 

Cleaning the oven with baking soda is a great method, which you will do well to practice more. 

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