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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Oven Clean During Cooking

If oven cleaning is a chore you wish you could spend less time tackling, you might want to try keeping the machine spotless while cooking. Challenging as this could be, there are specific hacks for you to rely on and preserve your squeaky oven clean when preparing your favourite meal. Here are

5 Best Methods to Banish Spills in the Oven While Cooking

Keep the Dish Well-Covered Keep The Dish Well Covered 

One of the most straightforward yet efficient tricks to keep food spills at bay is to cover the dish while still preparing it in the oven. Whether you take advantage of a lidded casserole dish or opt for specially designed roasting bags, covering the food goes a long way to prevent oven messes. Fats and liquids that evaporate during baking turn into greasy steam, and you can prevent that grease from contaminating the oven by covering your meals. Plus, this approach preserves your dish moist and delicious.

Take Advantage of Your Spare Roasting Tray

If you enjoy one of the latest oven models, chances are your machine comes with a spare roasting tray. As you might have been wondering how to store this addition, why don’t you just leave it in the oven? This way, you will solve not only the problem of storing the valuable accessory, but you will also manage to catch food spills before they have landed on the bottom of the oven. Place the roasting tray at the bottom of the machine and let greasy drips land there. It will be much simpler to wash the roasting tray in the sink with hot water and dish detergent instead of scrubbing burnt-on spills from the bottom of the oven.

Opt For Baking Sheets

While spare roasting trays are an excellent hack to keep the oven spotless while cooking, not every machine has one. However, baking sheets are a cool alternative you should benefit from if you rely on an older oven. Purchase a baking sheet and lay it on the bottom of your oven before placing the dish inside. Like the roasting tray, your baking sheet will catch food spills, thus preventing them from causing nasty messes at the bottom of the oven. You can also line the baking sheet with aluminium foil. Once you are done cooking, throw away the foil and clean your baking sheet to prepare it for the next cooking session.

Treat Spills Immediately Treat Spills Immediately 

If a dish spill occurs while cooking, ensure you get rid of it as soon as possible. As you know, fresh spills come off much easier than old messes, so you need to act quickly on food drips. With your meal still in the oven, put your rubber gloves on and carefully open the door. Sprinkle salt on the mess and scrape off residue once your dish is ready and your oven cools off. Salt is a powerful eco-friendly ingredient that absorbs greasy spills, so you can use this hack as a quick fix while still cooking.

Don’t Overlook Regular Cleaning

The best you can do for a sparkly clean oven is never to underestimate regular cleaning. Give the interior a quick cleanup with some baking soda paste as soon as your meal is ready, and your oven is completely cool. Preparing an eco-friendly oven cleaning remedy by mixing baking soda and water will take just a minute. Cover the oven’s interior with the paste-like mixture and let it sit for a while, then wipe clean with a damp towel. Baking soda breaks through grime, leaving the oven stain-free and refreshed.

A clean oven ensures not only tastier dishes, but it will last longer than a neglected machine. Try these five simple hacks for an oven that stays spotless during cooking.

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