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6 Foods That Can Make a Mess Inside Your Oven

Some foods may wreak havoc on your oven regardless of what you do. So, cooking these foods in your oven can make it harder to clean your oven. Therefore, we suggest that you follow the right approach to foods that can make a mess inside your oven, and you will be able to avoid cleaning issues. Read on to find out more.

Here Are the Foods That Can Make a Mess Inside Your Oven


Bacon is on the list of the biggest offenders. It’s rich in oil and fat and spreads the fat when it gets hot. Moreover, bacon may spit grease across the interior of the unit. We know grease burns up quickly in the oven and releases soot and smoke.

To avoid this issue, we suggest you cook bacon in foil. Alternatively, you can cook in small batches. The idea is to reduce splitting and prevent problems.

Roast ChickenRoast Chicken

Another typical dish that may spread grease in your oven is the roast kitchen. If you aren’t careful, roast chicken can make a mess inside your kitchen. Although it is relatively less likely to spit, long-term roasting can cause bigger problems like evaporated oils and grease.

Evaporated grease and oil from the chicken may collect on the cooler parts of the oven, such as floors and joints. This is because these areas are less hot than chicken. This coating of grease makes it challenging for you to clean the oven. 

If you don’t clean the layer of grease, it may attract dust and dirt. Therefore, remove this layer of grease as soon as you can.

Lasagna – Or Anything With a Lot of Cheese

The problem with pizza, lasagna and other foodstuff is that it risks spilling or run-off. Also, although most types of cheese are in solid form at room temperature, it changes inside the oven.

Non-watertight containers and balanced cheeses spit cheesy flood or spill over onto the bottom of the oven. And then they burn dry, making it harder for you to clean the oven.

So, you need to remove the spill as soon as you can. After all, you want to save time on oven cleaning.


Just like bacon, sausages can be quite hazardous. But they can dirty your oven as they can explode inside the oven. So even if you puncture sausages properly, they can still cause spitting and spills more than bacon.

If you don’t puncture sausages properly, they can explode and create a mess in your oven. In addition, there will be grease all over your oven that will be almost impossible to remove using simple methods.Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes

Other foods that can make a mess inside your oven is baked potatoes. Unlike other entries, baked potatoes are not greasy and won’t spread stubborn grease all over your oven. However, there is a risk of explosion. In this case, the exploded potato will spit tiny pieces of starchy potato. Some of these potato pieces are dry and powdery.

The heat of your oven will dry out the bits of potato. As a result, they will burn up and produce smoke. This problem can worsen if the baked-on potato gets embedded in the grease. And then, you will find it challenging to remove the stubborn mixture of potato bits and grease.

Honey-Glazed Anything

As far as dirt is concerned, sugar is one of the biggest offenders. In other words, sugary dishes, especially honey-glazed ones, contain liquid sugars and may spread sugar inside the unit. Since the oven is hot, the dropper sugar will bake. We know that sugary liquids are a challenge to remove as they keep burning for a long period. Finally, if it gets too hot, they can produce smoke.

Therefore, follow precautions when baking sugar products inside your oven. Being on the safe side is only possible if you be careful.

Long story short, these six foods that can make a mess inside your oven even harder if you aren’t careful.

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