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6 Fridge Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Operating and maintaining a fridge is a small deal if you are careful enough. But it’s amazing to know that most people make costly mistakes that cause damage to their refrigerators. So, what you need to do is avoid common maintenance mistakes when it comes to a refrigerator. 

If you keep making these common mistakes, your fridge may need to be fixed. You may sometimes have to replace the unit, which is a costly investment. So, let’s talk about 6 fridge maintenance mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 

Refrigerator Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Poor VentilationPoor Ventilation

If you have a refrigerator in your home, you may have felt that the coils at the back of the unit are warm. Similarly, you may have noticed vents on top of the unit. Your fridge requires proper ventilation to release heat and work properly. 

So, make sure that there is enough free space around the unit for proper air circulation. Improper ventilation may lead to heat build-up, which may reduce the unit’s lifespan. 

Not Closing the Door

Not closing your fridge door may cause severe problems down the road. At times, the fridge door seals are broken or worn. In this case, you need to replace the worn or broken seals to fix the problem. 

You may notice condensation inside the unit if the door doesn’t close properly. Another sign is the unit’s higher temperature, as the unit’s motor will work harder. And this may lead to faster wear and tear of the motor parts. 

Therefore, please close the fridge door properly. If you notice that the door seals are damaged, remember to replace their seals right away. 


If you want to keep the food inside your fridge cool and fresh, ensure that cold air can circulate inside the cabin. Overfilling the storage cabins will hinder air circulation around the items you have placed inside. 

So, we suggest you place items inside your fridge wisely to ensure proper air circulation. 

Setting the Temperature Too LowSetting The Temperature Too Low

One of the fridge maintenance mistakes you should avoid is by setting the temperature too low. Setting the temperature too low in your fridge is not a good idea. Setting the temperature too low may put an unnecessary burden on the compressor and other parts of the unit. And this practice may reduce the lifespan of the fridge significantly.

Apart from this, setting the temperatures too low will cause some of the food inside to freeze. In addition, ice may form inside the storage cabins. So, set the temperatures to cover your needs. 

You can check out the user manual to make an informed decision when it comes to adjusting the temperatures of your fridge. 

Putting Hot Food Inside the Unit

Putting a hot pot of food in your fridge may be tempting, but experts advise against this practice. The hot food will cause a sudden rise in temperatures inside the appliance, which may drop the temperatures of perishable items. Besides, the unit’s compressor will work at full power to maintain cold temperatures. But, again, this practice can speed up the wear and tear of the appliance, which may shorten its’ lifespan. 

Therefore, we suggest you allow the hot food to come down to room temperature before placing it inside your fridge. 

Not Cleaning Properly

Finally, make sure to clean the unit routinely. Like any machine, your fridge requires regular maintenance. So, when you clean the unit, remember to check the drainage. The proper functioning of the unit depends upon the drainage system. If the drainage system is blocked, excess water will build up inside the appliance and may cause leakage around the unit. 

Moving your fridge around to clean the back and sides. After all, you want to clean the exterior of your fridge. 

In short, if you avoid these fridge maintenance mistakes, you can prevent excessive wear and tear and keep your fridge working for years to come. If you have any problems with your unit, make sure to call a professional for help. It’s not a good idea to mess with your fridge, or you may have bigger problems to deal with, especially if you need to know what you are doing. 

If you are looking for a professional fridge cleaning service, we suggest you contact Fast Oven Cleaning. They are one of the best professional fridge cleaners out there. So, you can count on them for sure. So, the next time you need to clean your fridge or oven, you can give them a call.

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