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Why cleaning the oven should always be on spring cleaning chores list?

Oven cleaning is undoubtedly not among your favourite chores. Perhaps you tend to think about it even less when spring cleaning approaches and you have a ton of other tasks to address. However, many experts believe that oven cleaning should always be among the chores you tackle during your cleaning session in the spring. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Here are a few important reasons why:


  • You are probably going to cook more often – with the changing of the season always comes a surge of cooking enthusiasm. It may be because you are switching to different recipes or because there is access to products and ingredients that weren’t available in the winter. In any case, if you wish to practice your cooking skills more, you are going to need a clean oven. It is a good idea to get rid of the grease and food debris accumulated there, as many of the winter-hearty meals are responsible for making quite a mess in the oven. You want the appliance to be ready to meet your cooking expectations, and that is precisely why you want to feature it on your list of chores for the big spring cleaning session.
  • You have kitchen cleaning on the list anyway – if you think about it, the kitchen is probably one of the most important rooms that you need to include in your spring cleaning list. You are there every single day, and you do the most essential thing: cook and prepare your food. You definitely want the place to get a refreshing cleaning session, and it makes no sense to exclude oven cleaning from it. The oven is an important part of the kitchen and therefore should get some attention as part of the kitchen spring cleaning.
  • Prolong the life of the appliance – one of the most immediate benefits of cleaning your oven is that it prolongs the life of the appliance. An oven that is left with an excess of burnt-on debris inside is a fire hazard. Other than that, a clean oven just functions better and thus will last you for a long time. It makes sense to give it a thorough clean in the spring, and one more later in the year.
  • You are cleaning anyway – well, since you are doing some serious spring cleaning action anyway, you might as well tackle the oven as well. You have gained momentum, which is essential for doing a good job. More importantly, it will give you some much-needed motivation, which is something you definitely need when it comes to oven cleaning. It will be far easier to do it now than to wait for when you don’t feel like it at all.
  • You can ventilate the room – if you are cleaning the oven with the help of the self-cleaning function, you know you need to ventilate the room. That is because the pyrolysis process releases carbon dioxide, which can be dangerous. Opening the window to ventilate the kitchen is now possible, thanks to the fact that the weather outside is warmer and you don’t need to worry.
  • You can dedicate more time – spring cleaning takes some time so you will not start the task unless you have the required time to devote to it. If you are going to do it, you will have more available time on your schedule and thus be able to fit oven cleaning in there as well, to do a thorough job.

As you can see, there is every reason to include oven cleaning on your spring cleaning chores list. It will help you get the kitchen to a pristine clean state.

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