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Professional Fridge Cleaning

Fridges are used daily and inevitably become dirty thanks to spills, leaks and food stuffs coming into contact with shelves and racks. While a fridge might look a little grubby and may even develop an unpleasant odour, what we can’t see is of more concern. Some bacteria thrive even in a cold environment and they can contaminate food.
Fridge Bgr Slider
Fridge Bgr Slider

Why cleaning your fridge is important

Some bacteria and moulds thrive even in a cold environment and they can contaminate food. Even if this affected food doesn’t make the people who eat it sick, the food will spoil much faster and go to waste. Given the price of food these days, that can represent a significant financial loss over a month.

In addition to these important health and financial considerations, dirty fridges have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. As a result the lifetime of the fridge will be reduced.

What's included and how the service works

In order to get your fridge clean and hygienic we do the following:

  • Our professional fridge cleaners begin by covering the floor around the fridge to soak up spills or any water that leaks out during the cleaning process.
  • All food is carefully removed and placed in cold boxes to keep it cool and prevent spoiling. If you would prefer to remove food items yourself that’s fine too.
  • All removable items such as racks and drawers are taken out and placed into a cleaning solution and left to soak.
  • The exterior of the fridge and the door seal is wiped down and cleaned to remove all dirt.
  • All interior surfaces are also thoroughly cleaned and then dried.
  • The racks etc. are rinsed off, dried and replaced in the positions they were in previously.
  • All foodstuffs are put back into the fridge unless the customer prefers to do it.
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