Professional BBQ Cleaning in London

Many of us really enjoy a BBQ with family and friends: relaxing, sharing a meal and enjoying the unique taste that comes from barbequing. What we all hate is cleaning a BBQ or just spending time burning off that layer of carbon and burnt on food and grease.

Why cleaning your BBQ is important

When we use them, small pieces of meat, layers of grease or fat and other debris builds up on the BBQ, in particular on the grid. These then get burnt on and carbon deposits are added to this layer of grime. Some people think you can ‘burn off’ the dirt. This may deal with some of this unhealthy layer, but it is far from adequate to protect your health and your BBQ.

The least problematic aspect of this layer is that it looks unappetising. The food particles are fertile ground for some harmful bacteria to begin to grow. This can result in an unpleasant odour or – far worse – contaminate food if the grid is not hot enough before food is placed on it. Finally, over time baked on dirt will permanently damage the surfaces of the BBQ.

Benefits of our BBQ cleaning service

BBQ Cleaning

A BBQ that we have cleaned doesn’t just look better. There are several other benefits involved:

• The BBQ is hygienic, not only clean, so there is no risk that it will contaminate food

• The BBQ will be easier to use as you won’t have to burn-off the grid beforehand

• There’s less waste as food is less likely to stick to the grid or have pieces of inedible carbon adhere to it

• Food will taste better too

• There are no unpleasant smells or harmful fumes

• There is also no chemical residue that could affect food

• The BBQ will last longer as it won’t become corroded

Why use Fast Oven Cleaning to clean your BBQ?

Our efficient and experienced BBQ cleaners at Fast Oven Cleaning use only safe and eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to remove grime and dirt. There is therefore no risk to pregnant women, children, food or pets. Also, the surfaces of the BBQ are not damaged during the cleaning process as we don’t use any harsh cleaning methods or solvents. You can safely use your BBQ knowing it is hygienic and residue-free.

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