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We offer various cleaning services that will surely save you time and hassle. You can leave your cleaning concern with us and concentrate on more important things.

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We know how important hygiene is for you and your family. Oven cleaning is a necessity for every home. That is why we have chosen the most affordable and reasonable cleaning prices in London for you!

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We have an experienced team of professional oven cleaners that has been providing competent and quality services to all our clients in London for many years now.

Special Offers

Professional Oven Cleaning in London

Why hire our reliable oven cleaning company in London?

“This is really dirty. But I can probably just clean it myself…someday…when I have the time…” But will you, and can you?

Why you? Just call us!

oven cleaning before and afterBecause we probably clean better than you or your family or staff do. No offence intended, but the oven cleaners have been doing this for many years, they have studied how to do it and we have purchased the best tools and equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and best of all we have the time! The oven cleaners we work with are certified professionals – nobody gets it cleaner than they do.

  1. Because we have the best prices.
  2. We are fully insured. We don’t anticipate that there will be any problems, because we have trained, qualified staff, but we carry insurance because sometimes the unexpected happens.

Our oven cleaning services include? Well, what do you have that’s dirty?

  1. Residential cleaning or commercial cleaning
  2. Fridge cleaning
  3. All other kitchen appliances – from the gruesome inner sanctum of the microwave to the crumb-filled, finger-printed double toaster and beyond. Might as well do them all while we’re there.
  4. BBQ cleaning! We’ll do the scraping and scrubbing for you on your BBQ.
  5. Commercial kitchen cleaning: walls, floors, cupboards, fixtures, appliances, every single centimeter of your room.
  6. Spring cleaning – a one off deep cleaning in any or all rooms– can include windows, siding, woodwork, whatever!
  7. Carpet cleaning – we’ll save you so much money by renewing one of your most important household assets.
  8. Washrooms! Tile and grout, fixtures, showers, floors – every part of the loo.
  9. After-a-fire cleaning. Only a professional knows how to deal with the soot, the smoke, and the fire extinguisher powders.
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  • Professional Carpet Cleaning
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  • Deep Fridge Cleaning

When can we come?

Book your appointment with our cleaning company - professional oven cleaning London, by calling one of our friendly staff members on 020 3322 8936 or using our online booking form.